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Hi, good people! Salam kenal dari kami ,‘SIGN’. Kami segenap team redaksi mengucapkan puji syukur kepada Tuhan YME atas izinnya kami dapat merelease SIGN untuk SIGNity (karyawan internal SAP Group). Terinspirasi dari beragamnya ide kreatif team, terbentuklah SIGN pada tanggal 24.06.16. Apa itu SIGN? SIGN atau SAP Internal Good News merupakan suatu wadah informatif yang menyajikan informasi bisnis, hiburan dan rubrik-rubrik menarik lainnya. Finally, kami berharap SIGNity tertarik dengan ulasan rubrik SIGN. Kami segenap redaksi memohon maaf apabila terdapat kesalahan kata. Are You Ready? Happy Reading, SIGNity!!



Little Testimony from Our Director

First of all, I would like to say massive congratulations for the committee who had remarkably succeeded to release our internal web blog. I can’t thank you enough for working hard in bringin this to life, and we all owe you a big applause.

With the launch of this web blog, I hope for us to be able to obtain interesting from around us that are not only informative and useful, but also entertaining.

I think it’s important for us to be able to spread whatever positivity we have between us to each other and I believe that with the existence of this blog, we would be able to achieve that.

Speaking of positivity, hope this media can be able to tighten our relationship as a family through, well, express all the creativity among ourselves, and, that way, we’d be able to strengthen our bonds.

S!GN – I’m very proud to say is ours; ours as a company. And ending on that note, I would just want to say another massive than you for those who helped in creating, designing, developing, shaping the S!GN.

Written by Sara Sumantoro


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